safetyKDM Erector has grown substantially since 1997 and during that process has gone to great efforts to ensure that the needs for advancement in safety has kept abreast of the many changes which have come about in the construction industry.

Training has been a key priority in the development of KDM's H&S policies and procedures which are more prevalent now since KDM works from coast to coast throughout all of Canada.

KDM's has a dedicated Certified Joint H&S committee who are involved to ensure workers are aware of all changes and training requirements and are kept up-to-date in all legislation requirements.

As H&S Co-ordinator it has been my job to ensure all facets of H&S requirements, legislation and training are in compliance. H&S is growing and will require that all Employers, H&S committees and workers know and respect their responsibilities.

The costs of safety in the construction industry are escalating and it is KDM's priority for Supervisors and Workers to know that Safety must come first.

Under the guidance of the "Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act," or the AODA; KDM is committed to providing goods and services to people with disabilities in a manner consistent with principles of dignity, independence, intergration, and equal opportunity.

For more information, or to view our company's policies and procedures in regards to this matter, see below.

pdf2016 AODA Policy     pdf2016 AODA Procedure

Quote of the day:

"Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it."

KDM's H&S Co-ordinator, Don Bentley

Safety First

In 2006 KDM senior management took their H&S Safety commitment to a higher level by hiring a full time H&S Co-ordinator.
KDM has adopted and adheres to its MOTTO - "SAFETY FIRST".